Ricky “RICO” Heeraman was born into the mecca of graffiti culture in the heart of the Bronx, NYC. He firmly believes in keeping graffiti/street art alive especially in NYC because it represents culture, it’s a form of communication artists use to express themselves in ways they can’t use words for. Rico has exhibited his work all over the country. Exhibited his works in Art Basel, NYC SoHo Art Show, Worked with charities on Wall Street at New York Stock Exchange, Completed many murals for Hip-Hop Artists, & also the lovely famous restaurant of Jue Lan Kitchen. Art is the greatest way to communicate his feelings & thoughts. One who looks at his paintings will have to look deeply for the underlying messages each unique piece has to say.

Each intricate piece is done with multiple layers of mixed media art. The power of his vibrant color palettes is what draws the audience into the deeper meaning of the painting. Rico, has been expanding making different territories his canvas. From large scale outdoor murals, to high end fashion designer leather bags, there isn’t a project too small or large for Rico to bless his creativity on. You can always find him in the studio pushing his limits into the dark hours of the night. Art is his passion, a passion so strong that it drives him to influence others through his lens of creativity.

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